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Current Reading

Please click on the book or magazine to get your own copy from the publisher's site (unless stated)

These are the books and magazines I am currently reading:

img20220221_21310459 (2)-1.jpg

Current book:


Armando Iannucci

img20220221_21453329 (2).jpg

Next book:

''The Owl and the Nightingale'

Simon Armitage

img20220611_17172479 (2)-1.jpg

Archive Magazine:

Poetry Review: Vol 105:1

Spring 2015

Plus the usual regular subscriptions:

img20220611_17181369 (2)-1.jpg


img20220611_17142828 (2)-1.jpg

Poetry Book Society

img20220323_18551818 (2)-1.jpg

Magma Poetry

img20220408_17113820 (2)-1.jpg

Poetry London

img20220204_12141954 (2)-1.jpg

The North

img20220429_01114723 (2)-1.jpg

The Poetry Review

img20220429_00511441 (2)-1.jpg

Pennine Platform

img20211217_21450044 (2)-1.jpg

The Rialto

And the current daily reads:

To help me focus, and get started with my poetry reading I like to start with a couple of daily read books.

img20210408_16352888 (2)-1.jpg

'Shakespeare For Every Day Of The Year'

img20220517_16481093 (2)-1.jpg

'The Valley Press Anthology of Yorkshire Poetry'

These are the poetry books I have most recently completed:

img20210405_16364962 (2)-1.jpg

'The Stone Age'

Jen Hadfield

img20210614_14351750 (2)-1.jpg

'Antiemetic for Homesickness'

Romalyn Ante

img20211008_18315206 (2)-1.jpg


Rebecca Tamás

img20211217_21484457 (2)-1.jpg

'Like A Tree, Walking'

Vahni Caildeo'

img20210614_14375917 (2)-1.jpg


Crispin Best

img20210719_16305840 (2)-1.jpg

 'Heat Wave'

Julian Stanard

img20211008_18445303 (2)-1.jpg

'The Kids'

Hannah Lowe

img20220204_12071048 (2)-1.jpg

'Hyena! Jackal! Dog!'

Fran Lock

img20210614_14294870 (2)-1.jpg

'Monica's Overcoat Of Flesh'

Geraldine Clarkson

img20211129_17531981 (3)-1.jpg

'Notes on the Sonnets'

Luke Kennard

img20220221_21295549 (2)-1.jpg

'C+nto & Othered Poems'


img20220429_00501729 (2)-1.jpg

'Unexhausted Time'

Emily Berry

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