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Current Reading

Please click on the book or magazine to get your own copy from the publisher's site (unless stated)

These are the books and magazines I am currently reading:

Valzhyna Mort Music for the Dead and Resurrected
Indiom by Daljit Nagra
The Poetry Review Volume 105 part 1 Spring 2015

Current book:

"Music for the Dead and Resurrected"

Valzhyna Mort

Next book:


Daljit Nagra

Archive Magazine:

Poetry Review: Vol 105:1

Spring 2015

Plus the usual regular subscriptions:



Poetry Book Society Winter Bulletin.jpg

Poetry Book Society

magma poetry 87

Magma Poetry

Poetry London 106

Poetry London

the North issue 69

the North

Poetry Review Winter 2023.jpg

The Poetry Review

Pennine Platform

Pennine Platform

The Rialto

The Rialto

And the other current poetry reads:

To help me focus, and get started with my poetry reading I like to start with a couple of daily read books.

Read Me and Laugh
Poets of the English Language Volume One
On Poetry by Glyn Maxwell
'1599 A Year In Shakespear's Life' by James Shapiro

The Daily Read:


"Read Me and Laugh" Poems chosenby Gaby Morgan

The Anthology Read:


"Poets of the English Language Vol. 1 Langland to Spenser"

Ed. W. H. Auden and Norman Holmes Pearson.

Links to  Abe Books

The Book About Poetry/Poets


"On Poetry"

Glyn Maxwell

The Shakespeare Read:

''1599 A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare'

James Shapiro

These are the last dozen poetry books I have most recently completed:

The Kids by Hannah Lowe

"The Kids"

Hannah Lowe

Re-read as an eBook borrowed from Leeds Library



Derek Walcott

borrowed from Leeds Library

Rupi Kaur 'The Sun and Her Flowers'

"the sun and her flowers"

Rupi Kaur

An eBook read by the author. Borrowed from Leeds Library. *

Jack Underwood A Year in the New Life.jpg

"A Year in the New Life"

Jack Underwood

Stag's Leap by Sharon Olds

"Stag's Leap"

Sharon Olds

Auguries of a Minor God by Nidhi Zak _ Aria Eipe.jpg

"Auguries of a Minor God"

Nidhi Zak / Aria Eipe

An eBook read by the author. Borrowed from Leeds Library.

Pepper Seed by Malika Booker

"Pepper Seed"

Malika Booker

Emily Berry Unexhausted Time

"Unexhausted Time"

Emily Berry

I listened to an eBook read by the author. Borrowed from Leeds Library.

Rendang by Will Harris


Will Harris

Brian Bilston 'And So This Is Christmas.'

"So This Is Christmas"

Brian Bilston

Anthony Joseph Sonnets for Albert

'Sonnets for Albert'

Anthony Joseph

Faust Sandeep Parmar


Sandeep Parmar

And the last dozen pamphlets / chapbooks: 
(Well seven so far)

Computer Dreams by Anna Cathenka

"Computer Dreams"

Anna Cathenka

Heartwood by Mary Thomson
Ariadne by Fiona Benson


Poetry by Fiona Benson

Illustrated by Judith Eyal

Ten Poems From Scotland edited by Don Paterson
Takeaway by Georgie Woodhead


Georgie Woodhead'

Forever Alive by Fran Loch


Mary Thomson

"Ten Poems from Scotland"

Selected by Don Paterson

"Forever Alive"

Fran Lock

Bad Sermons

"Bad Sermons"

Luke Kennard

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