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Poetry Publishers

There are so many excellent presses and publishers at present. In an effort to measure how high their profile is I have written in blue (from 2021 only) the last time that the press had a listing in the Poetry Book Society (PBS) Bulletin, which is published quarterly. (Winter 2023 update completed.)

This is supplemented by appearances in reviews of the poetry magazines that I subscribe to.  I have listed the priority I give to these at the bottom of the page. I have now added the most recent T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist, and all T.S. Eliot Prize winners from its inception in 1993.

I have restricted the list to publishers of poetry in the English language, and languages from the U.K. and Ireland.

A to Z

(UK followed by Outside the UK)




404 Ink

The North August 2022

the87 press

PBS Winter 2023


Against the Grain Poetry Press 

PBS Autumn 2023


Agenda Editions 

PBS Autumn 2022


Allardyce, Barnett Publishers - Allardyce Book - AB

And Other Stories

PBS Autumn 2023

Anvil Press Poetry (Carcanet Imprint)

T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2002

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 1993


Arachne Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Arc Publications 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 1995

Atlantic Books

PBS Summer 2023

Awen Publications

Bad Betty Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Bennison Books

The High Window Spring 2022

Black Bough Poetry

Black Eyes Publishing UK

The Black Light Engine Room Press

The High Window Summer 2021


Black Pear Press 

acumen May 2021


The Black Spring Press Group

PBS Winter 2023


Black Sunflowers Poetry Press

Bloodaxe Books 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize 2023 shortlist, Forward Prize shortlist 2023

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2004, 2008, 2009

Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) 

PBS Autumn 2023, Forward - Felix Dennis Prize shortlist 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2022

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2022


Blue Diode Publishing 

PBS Winter 2023


Blueprint Poetry Press 

PBS Autumn 2021, the North August 2022


Boatwhistle Books 

PBS Summer 2021


Boiler House Press (University of East Anglia)

PBS Winter 2023

Broken Sleep Books 

PBS Winter 2023

Burning Eye Books (

PBS Winter 2023 

Cacafuego Press


Calder Valley Press

the North January 2021 



PBS Spring 2021

Cape / Cape Poetry - See Jonathan Cape

Carcanet Press 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2023 x 3, Forward Prize 2023 shortlist x 2

T.S.Eliot Prize winner 1996, 2013

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2007, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2020, 2023  

CB editions (Central Books) 

PBS Winter 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2012

Cerasus Poetry 

The High Window Summer 2021


Cinnamon Press 

PBS Autumn 2023

Chatto & Windus ( 

PBS Spring 2023, T.S. Eliot shortlist 2021, Forward Prize shortlist 2022 x2

T.S.Eliot winner 2015

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 1994, 1996, 2018

Cheerio Publishing

PBS Autumn 2023, Forward - Felix Dennis Prize shortlist 2023, 


Cipher Press (LGBTQIA+)

Poetry London Spring 2023

ClairObscur Zine

Clayhanger Press (North Staffordshire, U.K.)

The High Window October 2023


The Clutag Press

Forward Prize shortlist 2012


Contraband Books

PBS Spring 2023


Corsair (Little Brown Book Group) - Corsair Poetry

PBS Winter 2023, Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2020, Forward Prize shortlist (as Little Brown) 2022

Cultured Llama


Currock Press

Dare-Gale Press

PBS Autumn 2023


Dempsey & Windle Publishing now see VOLE Publishing 

Doire Press 

PBS Summer 2021 / acumen May 2022

Donut Press

Doomsday Press

PBS Winter 2023


PBS Autumn 2021

Elephant Press

The Emma Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Enitharmon Editions

Forward Prize shortlist 2011

Enneract Editions (Penteract Press) 

PBS Summer 2021


Poetry London Autumn 2021


Exiled Writers Ink


Eyewear Publishing ( 

PBS Spring 2023


Faber & Faber (Faber)

PBS Autumn 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2023

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 1992, 1998, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010

Fair Acre Press 

PBS Spring 2023


Fevers of the Mind Press


Fish Publishing

Five Leaves Publications

PBS Winter 2023

Flight of the Dragonfly Press

PBS Spring 2023

flipped eye publishing 

PBS Spring 2022, acumen January 2023

Fly On The Wall Press  

PBS Summer 2023


fourteen poems


PBS Spring 2023

Frosted Fire Press (Cheltenham Poetry Festival)

PBS Winter 2021


Fum d'Estampa Press 

(English translation of Catalan language poetry)

Magma Poetry Summer 2021


FyfieldBooks (Carcanet Imprint)


Garlic Press

(Mostly Suffolk based poets, U.K.)

Good Press (Glasgow, Scotland)

PBS Summer 2023

Graft Poetry

The High Window Spring 2022

Granta Poetry 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2020

Green Bottle Press 

PBS Winter 2022, The Poetry Review Autumn 2023

Grey Hen Press 

The High Window Summer 2021


Grey Suit Editions UK (U.K. link)

The High Window Autumn 2021

Guillemot Press 

PBS Autumn 2023

Hamish Hamilton | Penguin General

Poetry London Autumn 2022

Hamish Whyte – Mariscat Press & Hamish Whyte

HappenStance Press 

PBS Winter 2022T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2018

HVTN Press (aka Haverthorn Press)

Poetry London Summer 2023

Hawthorn Press

Hazel Press  

PBS Summer 2022

Hedgehog Poetry Press 

PBS Winter 2023

The Hendon Press (Russian Translation)

PBS Winter 2022

Hen Run - pamphlet imprint of Grey Hen Press

The High Window Summer 2021

Hercules Editions 

PBS Spring 2022


Hesterglock Press

HetMoet-Menard Press

(U.K. and Amsterdam based Press)

PBS Winter 2023

The High Window Press 

acumen May 2021

The Hippocrates Press

Holland Park Press 

(Dutch authors in English language)

PBS Winter 2023

Hybrid Press


If a Leaf Falls Press (Sam Riviere)


Ignition Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Ignota Books


Indigo Dreams Publishing  

Magma Poetry Winter 2021, The High Window December 2023

Ink Sweat and Tears 

Poetry Review Spring 2021


The Irish Pages Press Cló An Mhíl Bhuí

PBS Autumn 2022

Iron Press 

PBS Summer 2023

Istros Books (Books from the Balkans translated into English)

PBS Autumn 2023


Jonathan Cape ( - Cape Poetry

PBS Autumn 2023, Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2020

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 1995, 2000, 2001, 2011, 2012, 2017

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2006, 2011, 2013, 2019

Forward - Felix Dennis Prize winner 2023


Knives Forks and Spoons Press (KFS) 

PBS Autumn 2021

Lapwing Publications (Belfast)

acumen May 2023, The High Window Autumn 2023

Leafe Press 

Tears In The Fence November 2021


Leamington Books 

PBS Spring 2021


The High Window Spring 2023

Legitimate Snack (Broken Sleep Books) 

Poetry London Autumn 2021

The Letter Press



Lifeboat Press (Northern Ireland)

Lily Poetry Review Press

Lintott Press (Carcanet Imprint)

Lolli Editions (Translations into English)

PBS Summer 2023

The Lifeboat Press

PBS Autumn 2023

Little Island Press (Carcanet Imprint)

Littoral Magazine Press

The High Window December 2023


Live Canon 

PBS Winter 2023

Liverpool University Press 

The Poetry Review Autumn 2021


Longbarrow Press

The North January 2022

Luath Press (Edinburgh)

Lucent Dreaming

PBS Summer 2023

Magma Poetry 

PBS Summer 2021

Makina Books 

PBS Autumn 2022 / The Poetry Review Summer 2023

Mariscat Press  (Mariscat Press & Hamish Whyte)

PBS Winter 2022, The North August 2023


Maytree Press 

PBS Autumn 2023

The Menard Press see HetMoet-Menard Press (above)

Mica Press 

PBS Summer 2023 

Modus Arts

PBS Autumn 2023


PBS Spring 2023


Moschatel Press

(Not currently updating)

Mudfog Press 

PBS Autumn 2023

Naked Eye Publishing

The High Window Winter 2023


Neon Books

New River Press

New Walk Editions

The North January 2022, The High Window July 2023


New Writing North

PBS Winter 2022 (with Faber)

Nine Arches Press 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2021

Nine Pens

PBS Winter 2021

Offa’s Press 

acumen May 2021

Offord Road Books 

The North January 2022, T.S. Eliot Prize Shortlist 2020

Original Plus chapbooks

Out-Spoken Press 

PBS Winter 2023, Forward - Felix Dennis Prize shortlist 2023

Oversteps Books

acumen September 2022


Oxford University Press (OUP)

Forward Prize winner 1995. 1997, 1999

Paekakariki Press

The High Window Autumn 2023

Palewell Press

The High Window Spring 2023


Pamenar Press (U.K., Canada, Iran)

The Poetry Review Summer 2023


Pan Macmillan 

PBS Spring 2022

Paper Swans Press

PBS Summer 2023


Parthian Books (Wales)

PBS Summer 2023


Pariah  Press - Infernal Editions

Tears In The Fence August 2021


Partus Press 

PBS Summer 2022, Poetry London Summer 2023

Patrician Press

PBS Summer 2022

Pavilion Poetry   (Liverpool University Press) 

PBS Summer 2023, The Poetry Review Autumn 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize  shortlist 2023,  Forward Prize shortlist 2017

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2020

Peepal Tree Press 

PBS Winter 2023

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2019

Penguin Books Penguin Poetry

PBS Winter 2022, T.S.Eliot Prize shortlist 2022, Forward Prize shortlist 2021

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2015

Penguin Press - Penguin Books

PBS Autumn 2023

Penned In The Margins 

PBS Summer 2022, Poetry London Summer 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2019

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2021 

Penteract Press 

PBS Autumn 2021

Picador Books - Pan Macmillan) Picador Poetry

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2022, Forward - Felix Dennis Prize shortlist 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2016

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2007, 2016

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004

Pindrop Press (Glasgow/France)

acumen September 2022, The High Window Winter 2023

Platypus Press 

(Ceased trading May 2023) 

PBS Summer 2022, Poetry London Spring 2023

PlaySpace Publications

The Poetry Business - see Smith|Doorstop

Poetry Space

Poetry Translation Centre (PTC) 

PBS Summer 2023, Magma Poetry Autumn 2023

Poets House Pamphlets 

acumen May 2021

Polari Press

('we publish queer voices (&) other marginalised groups')

PBS Summer 2023

Polygon | Birlinn Ltd


PBS Autumn 2022, Poetry London Spring 2023

Prole Books

Prototype Publishing  

PBS Winter 2023

Rack Press Poetry 

PBS Winter 2022, The High Window October 2023


The Red Ceilings Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Red Squirrel Press 

PBS Spring 2022

Repeater Books

Tears In The Fence August 2021


The Rialto 

Poetry London Spring 2021

Rockingham Press

acumen September 2022

Roncadora Press

Callum Macdonald Memorial Award winner 2021


Sad Press  

Tears In The Fence July 2021


Salt Publishing 

PBS Autumn 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2023

Salamander Street


Sampson Low (Kingston University Creative Writing students)

Saqi Books

the North August 2022


Second Light Publications

acumen May 2022


Seren Books 

PBS Winter 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 2019

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2022

Shearsman Books 

PBS Winter 2023, Forward Prize shortlist 2015

Sheep Meadow Press (Carcanet Imprint)


Shoestring Press 

Poetry London Summer 2023, The High Window December 2023

Sidekick Books

Silhouette Press (Coventry)


Singing Apple Press  - Camilla Nelson

Silver Press

PBS Winter 2023

Smith|Doorstop (The Poetry Business) 

PBS Autumn 2023, T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist 1999, Forward Prize shortlist 2008

Smokestack Books 

PBS Winter 2023

Some Roast Poet (Manchester, UK)


Soulful Group

SPAM Press

The Poetry Review Summer 2023


Steel Incisors


Stewed Rhubarb Press

PBS Winter 2023


Stichill Marigold Press – the private press of Leonard McDermid

Callum Macdonald Memorial Award shortlist 2021

SurVision Books

The High Window July 2023


PBS Summer 2022

Taproot Press 

Magma Poetry Spring 2021



Callum Macdonald Memorial Award shortlist 2021

Templar Poetry

PBS Winter 2023

Tilted Axis Press

PBS Autumn 2023

TLM Editions - The London Magazine

acumen  January 2022

Trickhouse Press

Troika Books 

PBS Summer 2021

Two Rivers Press 

PBS Winter 2023

UFP - Urban Farmhouse Press

Valley Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Vane Women Press

PBS Winter 2023


Veer Books



Verve Poetry Press 

PBS Winter 2023

Vintage - Penguin Books

Poetry London Spring 2023


Virago Books 

Magma Poetry Winter 2022

VOLE Publishing (Formerly Dempsey and Windle)

PBS Winter 2023

V. Press Poetry 

PBS Winter 2023

Waterloo Press 

PBS Autumn 2021, The High Window October 2023

Wayleave Press  

PBS Winter 2023 

The Waywiser Press  (Based in the U.K. and U.S.)



The Westbourne Press – Saqi Books

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 2021


Wild Honey Press

WiId Pressed Books

Wiley  (U.K. base of U.S. publisher) (John Wiley and Sons)

The High Window Spring 2023

Wordville Press

PBS Spring 2023

Worple Press

Write Bloody UK  (U.K. base of US publisher)

PBS Spring 2023

Yale Books (Yale University Press) (UK, Europe and overseas) 

PBS Autumn 2021, Poetry London 2023

Yew Tree Press  

PBS Winter 2022

Y Lolfa (Welsh books from Wales)

PBS Summer 2023

The YourShelf Press


zarf editions poetry pamphlets


Zeno Press - Christian PatracchiniI



Last full update of all links above 1/6/2023

Outside the UK

I accept the links below are rather haphazard and random, it is mostly based on publishers that are referenced in reviews by U.K. poetry magazines that I subscribe to.

I have also added publishers of books that have won the following prizes since 2021:

Finalists & Winners - Griffin Poetry Prize.

The Lambda Literary (Lammy Awards)

Poetry - The Pulitzer Prizes

When I have listed a publisher based on a prize win, I only include their most recent win.



The A3 Press

(Based in Spain)


Able Muse Press  (U.S.)


Acre Books (University of Cincinnati)

Magma Summer 2022


Akashic Books (U.S.)

Alfred A. Knopf - Knopf/Doubleday Publishing Group (Penguin Random House) (U.S.) 

The Griffin Poetry Prize finalist 2023, Poetry London Autumn 2023


Alice James Books (U.S.)

Won a Lammy in 2022

AngelHousePress (Canada)

(Currently an online press only)


Animal Heart Press (U.S.)

Anstruther Press (Canada)


Anvil Press (Canada)

The High Window June 2023


Argos Books (U.S.) 

Won a Lammy in 2021



Arlen House (Republic of Ireland)


Arrowsmith Press (U.S.)

Bamboo Dart Press (U.S)

Tears In The Fence July 2021


Banshee Press (Republic of Ireland)

PBS Summer 2023

Beatnik Publishing (New Zealand)


Beir Bua Press  (Republic of Ireland)


Belladonna (U.S.)



Bitter Oleander (U.S.)

BLP Black Lawrence Press (U.S.)

Black Widow Press (U.S.)


Brick Books (Canada)

Griffin Poetry Prize Canada Shortlist 2022


Broadstone Books (U.S.)

The High Window Autumn 2023


Buckrider Books (Wolsak & Wynn) (Canada) 

The North January 2021

CavanKerry Press (U.S.)

Tears In The Fence May 2021

Chax Press (U.S.)

Cholla Needles (U.S.) 

Tears In The Fence June 2021


City Lights Publishers (U.S.) (Pocket Poet Series)

Won a Lammy in 2021


Clare Songbirds Publishing House (U.S.)


Cold Hub Press (New Zealand)

Contra Mundum Press (U.S., translations)

Copper Canyon Press (U.S.) 

Griffin Poetry Prize nomination 2021, Poetry London Summer 2022


The Cuba Press (Aotearoa New Zealand)

acumen May 2023


Curbstone Books (Northwestern University Press) (U.S.)


Dedalus Press (Republic of Ireland)

PBS Winter 2023

Dhauli Books (Includes books in English, India)


Dos Madres Press (U.S.)

acumen May 2021


Driftwood Press (U.S.)

Drunk Muse Press (Republic of Ireland

Dusie Books (U.S.)

Fish Publishing (Republic of Ireland)

FSG (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)   (Macmillan) (U.S.) 

Pulitzer Poetry Prize winner 2023, Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist 2023

Flood Editions (U.S.)

Fonograf Editions (U.S.)

Poetry London Autumn 2023

Four Way Books (U.S.) 

Poetry Daily July 2021


FutureCycle Press (U.S.)

The High Window June 2023

The Gallery Press  (Republic of Ireland) 

PBS Winter 2023, TS Eliot shortlist 2023 Forward Prize shortlist 2015

T.S. Eliot Prize winner 1993

Forward Prize Best Collection winner 2003  

Gazebo Books (Australia)


George Braziller (U.S.)


Ghost City Press (U.S.)


Graywolf Press (U.S.) 

Won  Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 2022

Grey Suit Editions (The U.S. link)

Hopkins Press - John Hopkins University Press (U.S)

The High Window October 2023

Isobar Press - English Writing from Japan


Kelsay Books (U.S.)

acumen May 2023


The Last Books (English books based in Netherlands/Bulgaria)

Tears In The Fence June 2021


Life Before Man – (Gazebo Books) (Australia)

Lost Horse Press (U.S)

Griffin Poetry Prize International Shortlist 2022

MadHat Press (U.S.)

The High Window July 2023

Math Paper Press - Books SG (Singapore)


McClelland & Stewart ( (Canada)

Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist 2023, Poetry London Spring 2023


McGill-Queen's University Press | McGill-Queen’s University Press (Canada)

The North January 2022


McSweeney’s (U.S.)

Pulitzer Poetry Prize nomination 2023

Milkweed Editions (U.S.)

Won a Lammy in 2023

New Binary Press (Republic of Ireland)


New Directions Publishing  (U.S.)

Pulitzer Prize Nominee 2022


NYRB Poets – New York Review Books (U.S.)

The Poetry Review Winter Spring 2021, The High Window May 2023

Nightboat Books (U.S.) 

Won a Lammy in 2023

Nightingale & Sparrow 

Tears In The Fence June 2021


Nightwood Editions (Canada) 

Griffin Poetry Prize Canada First Book Prize winner 2023


Noemi Press (U.S.) 

Poetry London Autumn 2023


Nomadic Press (U.S.)

(Closed in February 2023, but site still available)

Won a Lammy in 2022

Northwestern University Press

Poetry London Autumn 2023


Nostrovia! Press (U.S.)


Ó Bhéal Press (Republic of Ireland)


The Operating System and Liminal Lab (U.S.)

Otago University Press (New Zealand)


Palimpsest Press

Griffin Poetry Prize Canadian winner 2022


Paperwall Publishing (India)

Passager Books  (U.S. for over-50s)

Penguin Random House (U.S.)

(See above for the U.K. link)

Persea Books (U.S.)


Pitt Street Poetry (Australia)

acumen May 2023

Plum White Press | Poetry Nook (U.S.)

Poetry Bus Press (Republic of Ireland)

T.S. Eliot shortlist 2023 

Poetry Salzburg Pamphlet Series - PSPS (University of Salzburg) (Austria, English poetry)

PBS Winter 2022

Poetrywala – Paperwall (India)

Poets Choice (India) (English language)

(Registered in the U.S., books can be purchased in U.K. currency)

The High Window October 2023

The Porcupine's Quill  (Canada)

Princeton University Press (U.S.) (They do have a U.K. base, too)

The North August 2023

Pushcart Press : Publishers of The Pushcart Prize


Rattle (U.S.)

Red Hen Press (U.S.)

Magma Poetry Winter 21


Revival Press – Limerickwriters  (Republic of Ireland)


Salmon Poetry (Republic of Ireland) 

PBS Winter 2023

Saturnalia Books (U.S.)

Griffin Poetry Prize International shortlist 2022

Schaffner Press (U.S.)



Scribner Books ( (U.S.) 

The High Window Summer 2021


Sea Crow Press | Independent Book Publisher (U.S.)

acumen September 2022


Seagull Books (Books of English translation, India)

Poetry London Spring 2023


Sheep Meadow Press (U.S.)

Sídhe Press  (English language press based in Berlin)


SIR Press (Southern Indiana Review Press) (U.S.)



Soft Skull Press (U.S.)

Solstice (U.S.)

The Song Cave (U.S.)

Won a Lammy in 2022, Poetry London Spring 2023

Southword – Munster Literature Centre (Republic of Ireland)

PBS Autumn 2023


Speaking Tiger Books (Mostly English books, India)


Strange Light (Penguin Random House, Canada)



Steel Toe Books (U.S.)

Syracuse University Press (Also distributer for Sheep Meadow Press) (U.S.)


Tin House (U.S.)

Magma Poetry Autumn 2023

Tupelo Press  (U.S.)

Daily Poem February 2022

Two Lines Press (U.S.)

UCD Press (University of Dublin)


Ugly Duckling Presse (U.S.)


University of California Press ( (U.S.)

The High Window November 2023

University of Chicago Press (U.S.)

The Poetry Review Autumn 2021


University of Iowa Press (U.S.)

University of Nebraska Press (U.S.)

University of Pittsburgh Press (U.S.)

Won a Lammy in 2022


University of Tampa Press (U.S.)

Wave Books (U.S) 

Pulitzer Poetry Prize nomination 2023, Poetry London Summer 2023

Wesleyan University Press (U.S.)

Griffin Poetry Prize International Shortlist 2022

World Poetry Books (Poetry in English translation) (U.S.)

The High Window Spring 2023


Write Bloody (U.S.)


W. W. Norton & Company (U.S.)

Griffin Poetry Prize winner 2023


Yale University Press (U.S.)

Yes Yes Books (U.S.) 

Won a Lammy in 2023, Poetry London Summer 2023


Zephyr Press (U.S.) Includes Russian and Eastern Europe translations

The North August 2023

Lists of  Publishers

I am not in the habit of mopping up other people's excellent lists, rather here is a little list of other people's lists: 

Letter Machine Editions link page

National Poetry Library Comprehensive list of all U.K.publishers

Poets Directory - Publishers

Online Poetry Resources - Poetry Super Highway

Service Scape: Top 50 Poetry Publishers Accepting Submissions ( (U.S.)

Small Press Distribution (

Tears in the Fence: Links

The order of magazine or prize updates (that appear in light blue) is as follows:


(Note: For magazine reviews I delete all updates in favour of a new update of the same or higher priority. I plan to permanently list the selected prize winners, but only the most recent prize shortlisting.)

Priority 1.


Poetry Book Society Bulletin (Spring 2021 to Winter 2023)

Forward Prize Best Collection shortlist and winner (1992 - 2023) 

The Lambda Poetry Prize (2021-2023)

The Griffin Poetry Prize (2021-2023)

The Pulitzer Poetry Prize (2021-2023)

The T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist and winner (1993-2023)

Then it is based on book reviews in magazines I subscribe to.


Priority 2


The Poetry Review (Spring 2021 to Autumn 2023)

Priority 3


acumen (January 2023, issue 105, after which there are no further updates.)

Magma Poetry (Spring 2021 to Autumn 2023)

Poetry London (Spring 2021 to Autumn 2023)

The North (January 2021 to August 2023 - issue 69)

Followed by online magazines I like to read:


Priority 4.


The High Window (April 2021 to December 2023)

Tears in the Fence

Priority 5.

Other occasional sources Including:

Daily Poem

Forward Prize First Collection - Felix Dennis Prize

N.B. Only  Arete Books (Forward shortlist in 2009), and Peterloo Poets (Forward shortlist in 1996) are not still going of every T.S. Eliot and Forward Prize shortlisted book since their inception.


I have absolutely no connection with any of the sites reported above and only pass them on because they sounded interesting to me. I do not gain financially or in any other way from any of the sites I have offered links to. If the sites fail to deliver in some way, this will need to be taken up with that site. I cannot guarantee the safety of the sites I link to, though I do test every site out prior to listing it here; if you do follow the link you do so entirely at your own risk. So what I am saying is please don't sue me, or shoot me as the messenger, though I absolutely would love to hear any positive or negative feedback about any of the sites I link to.

If you are the owner of a site that I have linked to and object to me including a link here please do let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible. Equally if you want to be linked then just ask and I will be very happy to do so.

The page/site is getting us first update in nearly a year, so bare with me whilst I make the above page more accurate again.

The last complete check of links was on 18 June 2023, and the last nearly complete update was on 14 December, 2023

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