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Wordy Word Words

When I am reading poetry I come across a number of terms which extend beyond my English O' Level from 40 plus years ago. This page offers links to websites that explain all things to do with words and language that interests me.  

Literary Devices



Cummings Study Guides - Literary Terms

Sarah Cy Smartblogger 57 Literary Devices That’ll Elevate Your Writing (+ Examples)



Poetry Terms

Poetry Analysis


Poetry at Harvard

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Out Loud

Washington State University - Poetry Terms  - why not do the quizzes?!


Poetry  of the World

(I am keen to expand the list if you do have further suggestions)

Arabic poetry |

Japanese Poetry - Wiki

Nabati Poetry in the UAE: Origin, Themes & More - MyBayut (many thanks to Amelia)





Pages I Like To Go Back To

(I accept there is some overlap between these links).

Figure of Speech


Glossary of Literary Terms

Glossary of Poetic Terms



see The International Phonetic Alphabet


Prosody - a useful chart on di-, tri- and tetra- syllables

Prosody (Latin)

Rhetorical Device


Word play - List of forms of word play


Also see this Venn diagram that helps to distinguish: the

Homophone, Homograph, Homonym, Heteronym,

Heterograph, and  Synonym!

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